Syncopated Rhythm is a four-piece jazz and swing band that was formed in 2004. Each of the band members has extensive experience of a variety of musical styles and individual expertise ranges from traditional jazz to classical and orchestral performances.

We play foot-tapping, happy music for happy occasions with a mix of instrumentals and vocals. Our repertoire is taken largely from the 1920s, 1930s and dance-band era. We use light amplification which can be easily controlled to meet the needs of the venue. But because we do not use a piano or drums - although it may be possible if requested- we can offer plenty of flexibility in how and where we play. It means that we are able to operate in different locations at a function, as either subdued background music for part of the time while other things are taking place or as the main attraction in a much more lively and outgoing role.

Our Clients

Special occasions are our forte and they include Corporate Events, Open Days, Product Launches, Weddings, Barbecues, and Parties of every description. If what you are planning is not among these just let us know and we will be happy to discuss options.

We always prefer to to know the details of a function from the organiser in advance so that we may prepare an appropriate programme. However, we are usually able to modify things on the day according to how things are going, which ensures that the music thoroughly complements the occasion.

Sometimes, of course, we are the principal source of entertainment, for example at a jazz club. Again, our programme is always planned in advance to ensure a smooth-running function. On these, and similar, occasions we normally play two, one-hour or three, 40 minute sets, but once again we like to be flexible and accommodate the mood of the event. Perhaps our philosophy can be summed up as. "We enjoy what we do, but we are playing for you".